Hello there! Single mom here! I’ve spent the last few years white knuckling, holding my breath, going through the motions of single mom…wondering, questioning, judging myself am I doing this right?  Am I having an out of body experience?  Am I screwing up my kids life or mine?  I’ve listened to MANY people’s comments and judgements about what I “should” be doing or “should” not be doing for so long, I forgot how to do me!  I call myself the imperfect perfect single mom.  Thats right, because nothing I do is imperfect but yet perfect as well.  This is my story.  I have a day job yes as a psychotherapist, but this blog is about the real struggle and joy of being a single mother to an imperfect and perfect son.  I hope you can relate the joys and the downs of what I share and if you don’t?  Thats ok too!  This life we live as single  parents is not for the weak nor is there a “right” way to do this.  So throw out the “ideal” way of how you “should” be doing things and living a life you can.  🙂