Bumps in the road.

Will there every be a time where it feels “normal” or “routined” I ask myself daily.  Maybe that is the routine, asking my self and hoping, wanting there to be days of no or little drama.  By routine I mean can I have a day of everyone doing what they are supposed to?  LOL that is funny, that will never happen I know this logically, but when your working on a thin layer EVERYTHING seems to be wrong and going against you.  Is it really?  Probably not.  I’ve been sitting in yoga clothes since 8am thinking I can go take a yoga class this morning while my son is at school and in between working.  Yeah, its 3pm now and still in the yoga clothes.  I’ll self care a bit through my blog for a minute.  I love when my son comes home from school and says “what did you do today?  As if I lounged around and watched soap operas, are those still on by the way? hmmm.  Anyway, the minute you think things are under control and running smooth I’ve learned there will always be a bump in the road.  I can’t live expecting and trying to be proactive before the bumps head my way although I try constantly to prevent bumps from happening.  I can’t, I know that so why do I keep trying to prevent them?  When you are the mom, dad, uncle, aunt, cousin, etc etc every family member to your child, I think you try to compensate for all those roles by being vigilant of what could happen, what would another set of eyes do to help out?  What should my son be learning, adapting or gaining that I’m not providing.  I definitely feel the self induced pressure of being perfect and wanting to be everything I can to my son…but I can’t.  I have to remind myself each day that whatever I did and will do tomorrow is the best that I’ve got.  Do you see where the perfectly imperfect thing keeps popping up?  Yeah, its been a ride! 🙂

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