Welcome World!

Hello and welcome!  A special shout out to all the single moms out there in the world!  For so long since I was young I heard the term “single mom” and did not make much of it.  I watched movies that had single mom stories in them, I had a friend in grade school who had a single mom and thought hmmm she is pretty and has a “different” life.  I could never put my finger on what different meant as a kid.  My own mother was a single mom for short periods of time in between her marriages but it still did not register to me what this single mom thing was, it was just another term.  But then it happened…I became a single mom myself.  After being married for 20 years I became that person, I became that “term” I had heard about, I became that “story” I saw in movies, I became one of millions of single moms in the world.  My story has had and has highs and lows.  I wanted to create a place that I can write about my life as a single mom to share, relate, support and grow as a single mom.  The role as a single parent can be isolating, lonely, stressful and empowering all at once.  Any emotion that is humanly possible to experience as a single mom these emotions are taken to another level at times beyond what I thought I can experience.

About me, like I mentioned I was married for 20 years, have one teenage son.  Have been divorced for over three years now.  I want to share my story partly to help other moms relate, support and ensure you that you are not alone!  I am a psychotherapist as well but I made this blog as a mom not a therapist.  This is where I will go to vent, give ideas, share tips, share accomplishments, laugh or cry.

Whether you are single because you divorced, you never married or however you are a single mom today I hope you can find the information I share helpful in someway sometimes.  You may not always be able to relate and I may not always be everyone’s cup of tea, but that goes with the territory of the imperfect perfect single mom story.

I’ll see you soon!


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